Monday, August 4, 2014

Riding for charity

One disadvantage of living in a state like Massachusetts is that one cannot really bike year long without significant effort to battle cold and snow.. When the opportunity to move to California came around, I decided to make the most of it's awesome weather and bike all year long. The best way to insure that I bike regularly was to not buy a second car but force oneself to bike to work on a daily basis.

Luckily for me, 2 of my colleagues biked regularly to work and VMWare does quite a bit to encourage biking to work. The first weekend after starting my work, I picked up a new bike from Mike's Bike. Not knowing much about bikes I decided to buy a good but cheap bike..  Secteur fit the bill quite well (I discovered later that the total weight rating for the frame with luggage is lower than what I typically carry when I drop UV to daycare.. more about that in a different post). So far I have done over 1000 miles on my bike and the longest I have ridden a relatively flat trail is 23 miles.

After 6 months of biking to work I want to do more and go further in terms of what I can bike, this is when I came across a posting in Strava's VMWare forum for the Canary bike challenge.. It seems to be quite popular and has some amazing routes as part of the challenge. There is enough time for me to train to take up one of the routes. So far I have signed up for the 50 KM Challenge (which one grade 4 climb) but might consider doing the 75 KM route (with one grade 1 and one grade 4 climb!).

As part of the challenge I will be raising money for a good charity which supports real science and research for early cancer detection!

This is where you can help! Please click on the button below and donate any small amount that you can! Not only will it encourage me to train harder but also help good cause! I will keep this blog updated with my progress and other cycling related tidbits that I come across.

Donate Please!

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