Sunday, March 1, 2009

Organic Non-Homogenized

Shaws at Potter Squre in Cambridge, MA is now carrying organic non-homogenized milk! This is milk which is only pasteurized and does not have it's fat broken down to mix thoroughly.

Wikipedia has a good explanation, this is the type of milk I have been used to all my life and have found it hard to look at homogenized milk as milk. Homogenized milk seems too processed for my taste, I rather boil the milk and leave it standing to separate out the fat and milk (though you cannot really control the %fat). Traditionally, fat was separated out and used for making ghee.

I hope Shaws continues to carry non homogenized milk!

Brand: All Natural Farmers' Creamery (No Added Hormones, hope it means no hormones added period unlike other organic milk vendors which only claim no synthetic hormones).

Pic: (Could not click a better on.. )

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Rohit P said...

That was real true
if the milk get in to process it gives up natural goodness of milk
so use raw milk like organic a2 milk in bangalore | desi cow milk in bangalore which is not only unprocessed but its also an a2 milk , you will get complete healthy benefits of milk

Thanks for sharing