Sunday, November 16, 2008

Facebook : really starting to suck

I don't event want to get into their pathetic non intuitive UI. The do have some smart developers working on the iPhone app though..

These days I am surprised to see that Orkut behaves much better than facebook..

1) Why do I keep getting logged out?
2) Why when i click on some links you tell me I do not have permission which works usually?
3) And please! If you are unable to accept text from me atleast show the text I painfully typed, don't eat it up

It is a pitty I have more current friends on facebook than Orkut.. they both suck but facebook pisses me off.

Ah.. needed to get this rant out of my system. The fact that Google is developing an infrastructure which scales is going to eventually going to win. Upgrades and architecture changes can get really tricky specially when your data keeps growing and you cannot stop serving data.

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