Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wow!!! Olympics 2008 Opening!!!

I am awestruck by the creativity, scale, beauty and execution of the opening ceremony. This was an opening one should watch on an imax screen!!!

The colors, designs, lighting and fireworks were mind blowing!!! The scale of it all and perfection of it all; involving more than 15,000 performers... wow!

The planning that must have gone into this was amazing.

The tai chi performance was so beautiful and yet so powerful, simply amazing.

The drawing of a flying bird by performers using led lit suits. The co-ordination of it all.

The lamps that were handed out to the crowd created such a pretty backdrop.

Than painting which got completed through various performances, the idea behind the coloring..
The drummers, the countdown... ah I want to see this again!

There might have been many right/wrong reason for why China had to make this so grand and there are many things all great powers do wrong in this world but this was a hallmark for showmanship and the folks involved in the presentation should be proud!