Sunday, July 13, 2008


It is more than once that I have felt speechless after watching a movie from Pixar. They are often so perfect in the narration, character development and story. They so effectively use animation to tell a simple story and convey emotions so skillfully that animation is no longer a medium to entertain kids but a tool to allow movie makers to be extremely creative.

Being a bit of a techie I tended to over analyze the movie and had to remind myself to step back and let it be. I am sure a student of marine life would not try and find faults with the depiction of marine life in Finding Nemo.

I am sure I will be watching the movie again. One can read the numerous online reviews for more details, no point telling the story here.

Wall.E manages to be simultaneously a romantic flick, a really good sci-fi flick, a movie addressing social problems we face and a cutting edge animation movie.

The cuteness of Wall.E is such a stark contrast to the catastrophic state of Earth. The brilliance of the creative robots and depiction of future technology contrasted to the state of human beings. One is so used to the Star Trek or Fire Fly (Cowboy Bebop) depiction of the human race in future, that this is quite a surprise (at least to me).

Do watch the movie either in a theater or on a really large TV in HD. The animation is really good.

PS: When Wall.E boots up, we get to hear the OS X chime!!! What in the future Apple will allow OS X to be licensed to create garbage compacting robots !!! :). The other neat trick is that the the embedded firmware is responsible for the solar charging and basic navigation to get solar charged which then leads to the OS X chime... any ways


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