Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Movie reviews: Johnny Gaddaar, Taare Zameen Par & Aja Nachle

Two highly anticipated movies of this year and a surprise.

Aja Nach Le: Madhuri delivers, after a long and probably extremely enjoyable time away from Bollywood, it nice to see her back and deliver a very good performance. Now for the bad part.. the idea for the film or what can be called the over all story of the movie is very promising but the details of the story, the screen play and the thought put into each frame is not up to the mark and kinda forces you to treat this as just any other masala entertainer which does not intend to be a serious movie. The only problem is of late many of the top hits of Bollywood have had very tight scripts and direction. This movie is a must watch cause it is a good movie but do not expect too much. The dances are good but will not go down in history like some other songs featuring Madhuri. Vinay Pathak and Ranvir both like always are a pleasure to watch.

Johnny Gaddaar: It is a real surprise! A very well executed movie and good acting. Though one does wonder why do so many people leave a gun easily accessible for Vikram in the movie and the coincidences too seem like a bit of a stretch but the movie is very enjoyable and has one glued from the beginning to the end. Neil Mukesh is the real star of the movie, delivering a good performance for his debut. Other actors too do good justice to the role including Dharmendra. The movie is a bit dark.

Taare Zameen Par: Talking about debuts, here is a movie where Amir Khan makes his is soo called "official" debut as a director and it is a treat. It is such a pleasure to see a movie just narrate a story and bring out the human element of the story, balancing all characters to the right extent. Unlike other movies (aka all movies of Shah Rukh Khan :P) this movie is not about the big names in the movie but is a story of a boy told to perfection. Though Amir has a important role in the movie but this movie would have been just as special with any other equally competent actor playing his role! I really like it when a big name actor takes a step back and lets a movie be what it should be, a good story, a good narration and good acting/songs/dances (I added the songs and dances part, though this movie has all songs as background scores ).

The songs have apt lyrics and are perfect for each situation, the songs are very well composed and a pleasure to listen. Though Mera Jahan has a tune(in chorus) which is similar or same to the parts of the song "Teri Deewani", not sure what the story is there... but it is disappointing, as the song Mera Jahan is really good but I am reminded of Teri Deewani each time I hear it :(
The picturisation of Jame Raho is brilliant!!! It ties in very beautifully to the lyrics of the song.

They have dealt with the ending perfectly by doing what is hard but right, no smart ass twists in the story which would have been such a temptation for any other bollywood movie!

The real star of the movie is Darsheel Safary, who either is a brilliant actor or some how the movie makers have managed to get a really good performance from the kid! He is perfect for the role and conveys the agony and journey of the character so well, that it brings tears to your eyes!

One feels for him not just out of pity for a kid but because you understand his problem as a person, the connection you have with the kid is more intelligent than just human sympathy. Unlike the movie Black where you feel sad for a blind girl, here you associate a personality and a character with the kid, and you actually stop seeing him as just a kid but you see him as person. This is where Amir Khan has shown his brilliance and raised the character from just being a helpless kid who gets help from a more knowledgeable teacher to a person who is misunderstood and mistreated and has his own private world which he is unable to explain to others but is eventually rescued from the abyss he find himself in by some one who understands exactly what the kid has gone through. The problems of the kid are explained in such an intelligent and adult manner in the movie that it stops manipulating human emotions but actually strikes a conversation with your intellect and this happens very smoothly. It is like having a nice long conversation over a great meal with an intelligent, suave, articulate person. I will definitely own the DVD of this movie and I already listen to the songs acquired via legit means from iTunes.

Do watch the credits at the end of the movie and after seeing the credits if one does not feel motivated to help every child they see, then either they have a point which I don't get or they have died inside.

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