Friday, December 14, 2007

let it snow.. let it snow.. let it snow

It snowed a lot yesterday.. though I remember similar snow storms hitting North East before, I think the timing caused a lot of havoc around Boston. Most folks decided to come to office but head back home as soon as it started to snow.. to "beat the traffic" :-) .

The only problem being almost every one decided to do the same around the same time! With the snow building up quickly and heavy traffic, the snow plowers could not really get the snow off the road as promptly as they would have liked. Thus, traffic came to a halt and there was mass chaos on the roads.

Swati and me decided to walk home, one of the many advantages of living close to work and had some good fun in the snow. Nothing like playing/walking in a feet of fresh snow!

I noticed one interesting behaviour... people honked for no apparent reason!!! I guess it is not a phenomenon limited to India.. but a natural human behaviour when one is trapped in a vehicle, wanting to get some where and feeling utterly helpless about it!! Hmm..

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