Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Milestones Mumbai

See your self as just a part of "the cycle of life"
Witness the joy of seeing some one join the world and continuing the cycle
Helpless parents who do every thing they can but are limited in this cruel world

Looking around in this city
Witnessing a mad rush, all around, with a single minded but short sighted goal
Witnessing "the pride" of a nation which is too weak to stand any test
Helpless people in this world without a bigger picture, packed and living like sardines in a tin cup
The weirdness of having two places to call home but still feeling homeless
I feel a fire and rage in every one, with no efforts to bring a focus or use of it all.. just exist and run like hamstera in a wheel...
People stop and think.. increasing your bank account is of no use if the world around you is headed for collapse, it is more imp to be rich as a group than as an individual..

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