Friday, October 5, 2007

Iron Chef!!!

Swati and I caught this show just after our dinner and for the next one hour we were engrossed in the cooking game show!

I was wondering about the heavy Japanese influence in the show, even though it seemed like an all out american production but the wikipedia page helped explain that.

The episode we caught was a contest between a Japanese Iron Chef vs a Latino Contender. I was amazed by what they did to/with a Black Salmon.

No idea if they ever had any one who was a master at one the many Indian cooking styles.

The chefs are judged on creativity along with other categories.. so chefs can innovate a lot, a lot like artists actually!

It would be very interesting or rather I would be able to better relate to commentary during the cooking if the chef was an expert in Indian cooking styles.

This is the first time I watched or rather heard professional cooking commentators!! They do not walk over the recipe during the show but rather two cooks in parallel try to make (as many?) dishes from a common main ingredient and the commentators cover the cooking in a more sports like fashion.

Other that the one common ingredient (Black Salmon in this case) they are free to do what they like for 60 min after which they are judged. They do have assistants and I do think they come prepared with what they are gonna make.

PS: Thinking about cooking as a profession, I feel very certain that I could never have been a chef.

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